MYM Doğaltaş Kurumsal

Man, who has produced magnificent works by adding his labor to the natural beauty of marble, has used the marble by various reasons at the locations where he has lived during each stage of his life since the ancient times.

We, as MARBLETURKA family, have been marketing the natural stones and variety of marbles from the Anatolia since 1996. The high quality products produced by the modern machines are exported to various countries, mainly the Balkan countries.

Apart from the project and engineering services, MARBLETURKA exports polished, unpolished and honed flooring having a wide variety of dimension and thickness; including tiles, covering, steps, round steps, banisters, railings and fireplace.

The wholesale and retail sales of marbles are undertaken by our partner HABAo-AKSU P.P.T.G located in Macedonia, and our distributor DOBROBUT-SAD DOO located in Ukraine.

With its experienced and competent personnel, MYM Natural Stone Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. has been coordinating our activities both at home and abroad. Moreover, it adds value to the natural riches of Turkey by its designs and applications.

We recommend you not to decide without consulting us. As a guiding principle, we believe in the team-spirit and prefer to work more with less profit, we will continue our works in order not to disappoint your trust and by living with the pride of our quality production by thinking of the future; thus having the pride of satisfying the given promises.

We will be very happy to see you with us in our works. We regard trade as a cooperation in order to acquire friends, to work together.